Do something different today. Join Glance! Now on iOS  and Android.

Do something different today. Join Glance! 
Now on iOS  and Android.

Avoid awkward situation. Install Glance! 
On iOS and Android 

Avoid awkward situation. Install Glance! 

On iOS and Android 

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Best Friends know where to find each other!Now on iOS and Android.

Best Friends know where to find each other!

Now on iOS and Android.

Closer than close; getting sticky with it.

Sharing will always be vital; but how we do it is changing. The last decade has seen wave after wave of tools, technologies and utilities that reduce distances and break boundaries. With, M2M, and widespread consumer VR on the horizon, we predict that over the next decade the digital and analogue will merge into a seamless entity.

Glance wants to help shape this. We automatically, frictionlessly build a narrative of your digital and analogue life. It isn’t everything we want it to be just yet but the pieces are in place and we’re working relentlessly to deliver on this vision.

Your feedback is crucial, day and night, from the smallest detail to the most fundamental issue - let us know what we’re getting right as well as what’s making you itch…

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Glance 2.0.1

Fixed some bugs and improved performance overall.

Not perfect but we’re happy with the improvements and there’s some amazing stuff being built in the HQ that we know you’ll love!

Until then, use Glance, give us feedback and play more.


Happy New Year!

It’s only January, but 2014 has already seen us make some big changes to Glance. We’re finding greater clarity in our User Interface, with the whole Glance experience being both streamlined and enriched. We’ve removed some out-dated features, massively overhauled others, and added some entirely new ones for good measure.

Now, instead of a pre-configured Mood Input, we’ve built in a more user-friendly Status Update function, allowing you to broadcast what you’re up to, how you’re feeling, and where you are to your friend network (all with implemented Comment and Photo functionality).

There’s also a ton of subtle but exquisite UI & animation improvements, Full Event View functionality and a complete redesign of the Add Friends page.

It’s been a busy time…

Think of it as a late Christmas present.

New in 2.0.

  • Improved UI & animation.
  • Improved Mosaic.
  • Improved UX (Refresh Animation, Navigation)
  • Waveline Redesign (bleed, no casing).
  • Mood Input Feature removed. Replaced with…
  • New Feature: Status Update (Comment, Location & Photo Functionality)
  • New Feature: Full Event View (Comment & Location Functionality)
  • ‘Add Friends’ page redesign (Search Functionality, Tiered All/Glance/Facebook structure)
  • Optimised battery performance.


Soho, London – 7th November 2013

Let’s introduce ourselves.

We’re the team behind Glance, which we’ve been working on for over a year. First we were working in east London’s Google Campus (great bagels), now we’re under a gallery in Oxford Circus. Sometimes there’s a pug running around. It’s early days yet – there’s still lots to do - but we’re super excited to have a basic version of Glance out in the world.


Over time the nature and implementation of the app has changed, but the core principles remain:

- Radical transparency.
- Using technology to create personal and social insight.
- Automatic, seamless sharing – no input required.
- A feeling of closeness, of ‘being there’ with best friends and loved ones, regardless of distance.

Radical transparency underpins all of this. We live in a time where technology is redefining what it means to share, to trust and to understand one another. We appreciate the apprehensions, the Orwellian overtones, the privacy concerns (your data will never be shared with a third party, ever) – but we see it differently. Honesty is constructive. We think transparency is a social stance, worth trying for the possibility of great insight.


If you have reservations about things like GPS tracking Glance is likely not for you. If you’re curious to see what you can learn from you data, you’re in the right place.

At the heart of Glance is the Waveline. Drawing from the data you automatically create through calls, texts, internet use, music listening, sleeping habits, GPS tracking, Facebook updates (etc. etc.) Glance builds a visualisation of a day in your life. It’s this ‘shape of your day’ that we believe will form a new language where you can see ‘at a glance’ what you have been doing with your time, and what your friends have been doing with theirs. The waveline is a tool for immediate connection, regardless of physical boundaries.

We’ve still got a long way to go to fully realise our ideas. We’d love to hear your feedback along the way.

New in 1.0.2.

- Feature Tutorial / Product Demo.
- Improved UI & animation.
- Improved Mosaic.
- Ability to Enter Home/Work place manually + logic improvements.
- Facebook Videos and Photos now display in Mosaic.
- Extended android compatibility.
- Optimised battery performance.
- General bug fixes.

Glance - Android Apps on Google Play

Live in the store. Early days but full of sunshine!

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